Taysun Corporate Services Ltd

About Us

Taysun Corporate Services Ltd is a newly created company in the financial services sector in Mauritius, licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.  Taysun Corporate Services Ltd prides itself on its strength as a modern, client focused company operating in a state of the art technological environment. With its experienced, dynamic and high calibre personnel, Taysun Corporate Services ensures the delivery of high quality solutions tailored to clients’ needs without compromising quality, Taysun Corporate Services Ltd has a competitive fee structure and is very attentive to the needs of clients.          

We are driven by the passion to excel in what we do and ensure the professional rigour required to stand out in today’s dynamic environment. The key to our success is based on discipline, innovation, and inspiration by the financial challenges in this changing world.

One-Stop Service Provider

Taysun Corporate Services Ltd aims to be different and ahead of other service providers in providing an integrated one-stop service provider for high net worth individuals, corporate and institutional clients, through its contacts/partnership with international tax planning professionals, legal experts, offshore structuring experts and international offshore banks.