Taysun Corporate Services Ltd


Taysun Corporate Services Ltd is a newly established  Management Company operating in the Financial Sector in Mauritius.  At Taysun Corporate Services Ltd, we are not only providing a “job” but rather a career with well defined career path.  We ensure that our employees are treated with respect, dignity and integrity.  We consider our employees as core asset for our organisation and provide a work environment that encourages innovation, dedication and personal growth.  

Our Corporate Values

Teamwork is highly valued at Taysun Corporate Services.  We believe that teamwork will help to us to achieve our mission and objectives.   Our values are to:
  • Advocate open and direct communication to achieve clear understanding of clients and company goals
  • Respect the many commitments we have to all who depend on us as we strive to achieve a balance between work and personal life
  • Help in creating an enjoyable, satisfying and profitable community

Current Opportunites

There is no vacancy at the moment.
Feel free to email us your CV on careers@taysungroup.com