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The Financial Services Act 2007 and the Companies Act 2001 provide corporate structures in Mauritius in the form of Global Business Companies to non-residents.  Businesses conducted by these companies are carried out from within Mauritius, with persons all of whom are resident outside Mauritius, and where business is conducted in a currency other than Mauritian rupee. Such companies may engage in any lawful business in any country except Mauritius and may carry on transactions in any currencies except the Mauritian Rupee. A GBC1 falls under the regulation and supervision of the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

A GBC 1 may be locally incorporated or may be registered as a branch of a foreign Company. The incorporation of a GBC 1 must be arranged through a licensed Management Company like Taysun Corporate Services Ltd, who shall need to first obtain the approval from the FSC.

A GBC 1 is the recommended structure for individuals, body corporate, trust or partnership including limited liability partnership or a société for investment and other high profile business. Public companies, those engaged in banking, insurance and fund management, and companies wishing to benefit from the provisions of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs), can only be incorporated as GBC1 companies.